FLY Rollover Mayfly Yellow


  • This is one of a series of patterns designed by one of Ireland’s most famous fly dressers Patsy Deery of Cootehill.
  • Patsy is the author of “Irish Mayflies-A fly-fishers guide.” Patsy designed the style of fly to imitate the newly hatched mayfly duns as they are blown across the surface of the water.
  • On windy days this design enables the fly to be blown sideways across the water exactly imitating the movement of the natural fly.
  • In these conditions they can be deadly for wild brown trout.
  • This is a super pattern when fished across the wave, twitched and bobbed.
  • It is a great favourite on Loughs Corrib, Mask and Cara but will work literally anywhere mayfly are hatching.
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