Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon


  • 100% fluorocarbon tippet – Seaguar Grand Max is one of the strongest fluorocarbons in the world for the diameter. It is virtually invisible in water.
  • Fluorocarbon tippets sink readily without treatment as they are heavier than nylon.
  • Seaguar Grand Max is slightly softer than Seaguar Riverge and has a higher breaking strain for diameter.
  • Using standard knots it will retain 100% strength over time in water, compared to 20% strength loss of nylon.
  • 100 yards Spool



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2x 15.5lbs, 3x 9.5lbs, 4x 7.5lbs, 5x 6lbs, 6x 4.75lbs, 7x 3.5lbs, 8x 2.4lbs


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