Semperfli Straggle String


  • Specially designed micro chenille with just 2 micro bnded cores and a 4mm wide hackle inntertwined with UV Flecks.
  • In an amazing array of colours both natural and Fluorescent it is used by professional tyers world wide.

Hans van Klinken now uses Straggle String as an alternative to Peacock Herl as that is now CITES registered.

  • Straggle String can be used in the single colours or twist multiple colours together for superb effects.
  • You can even try spinning Straggle String in Nymph Dub or Quick Dub to create stunning detached bodies.
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  • Straggle String Micro Chenille s perfect for thorax, hackles and bodies and is part of the market leading range of Straggle String micro fritz for fly tying.
  • Straggle String Micro Chenille has the thinnest core available with twin cores and comes in the most colors of any micro fritz available.
  • Straggle String Micro Chenille  has shorter and tighter strands with uv flecks making Straggle String perfect for thoraxes and micro legs.
  • Straggle String has been adopted by Hans van Klinken as a peacock herl replacement for his Klinkh√•mer.
  • Try blending Straggle String Micro Chenille Fluoro Red with other colors of Straggle String winding them together around the body for a unique effect! Shrimps for example with the Fl Dark Pink and Fl Pink make your shrimp patterns buzz with just a shell back over and wire rib.

There are 6m / 6.5 yards (approx ) per spool of Straggle String Micro Chenille Fluoro Red

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Olive, Peacock Green, Iron Grey, Insect Golden Olive, Fl. Pale Pink, Sage, Iron Blue, Teal, Fl. Green, Fl Green Rhymac, Fl. Pink, Fl. Red


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