The fully Automatic Airflo Wavehopper Lifejacket provides comfort and highly dependable safety features for when you are out on the water, whether it’s from the bank, boat or wading in a river. This Lifejacket is fully compliant with EU and fishery safety regulations.

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This inflatable life vest features a 150N, 33gm gas cylinder and will be able to fully inflate quickly and effectively in under 3 seconds once submerged. This lifejacket uses a highly reliable and durable nylon fabric with black webbing belts and buckles. The fabric construction is designed to last a lifetime of use and is finished in a highly desirable slate grey colouration with the Airflo logo printed on the right-hand side.

At the front of the lifejacket, there is a strong, easy-release buckle that ensures the life vest won’t open accidentally. The life jacket is very lightweight for additional comfort and includes a back up manual pull cord for inflation.

The Wavehopper Life Jacket can easily be worn over a fishing jacket. With every life jacket, there is an owner’s manual included for instructions on wear and aftercare.

  • Fully Automatic with¬†Manual Backup
  • 150N – 33gm Gas Canister
  • Lightweight and Stylish Maximum width fit: 125cm
  • Will fit adults height between 150cm and 210cm


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